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Welcome to Sign2Speak

mothering-035Welcome to Sign2Speak and the world of infant, toddler and kids-of-all ages sign language. Sign2Speak is proud to be a Signing Time Master Instructor, a highly respected, established company whose primary focus is the development of resources to help establish two-way communication between hearing parents and their hearing children through the use of American Sign Language signs.

Learn more about signing with hearing children, find the next class or workshop, learn about setting up a program in your home or facility, read about others’ experiences with infant sign language or contact Sign2Speak with any questions.

Closing after over 10 years

After over 10 years teaching Albuquerque families, childcare providers and preschool professionals, Sign2Speak is closing.  I have enjoyed my many years and interactions and getting to know your families and staff.  Please continue signing and supporting the cause of using signs with hearing children!

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